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The Vision to be a source of guidance to the needy, who struggle to make their lives comfortable, has had been the inspiration that was firmly rooted during the Childhood for this committed, hardworking and compassionate Personality who takes pleasure in others Happiness.

Born in the humble Family and to the Parents who nurtured the Spirit of Care and Share, the thoughts to endeavor for others, gained strength and have become his deeds over time. Three decades on,

beginning from the age of 9, the hunger to emerge as the one that can be depended upon continues to be the fuel for the passionate altruistic Person,

who with his uncanny knack of impressing all that he interacts, wearing an impressive smile and with a dynamic demeanor continues to burn candles to facilitate the needs of all those who approach him for support on various facets of issues Personal, Professional, Legal and Social.

The nurturing for the objective that he embarked on began as an active Soldier of RSS in the Year 1987, where he learned the Art of being in Service of Society under the Mentorship of RSS and VHP Mukhya Shikshaks - Sri Munishwar, Sri. Kottam Srinivas, Sri. Brijanand, Sri. Gundla Srinivas and Sri. Mohan Vargees.

The active Membership in BJP since 1996, has become his Institutional strength that enables him to pursue his goal to be a resource for the suffering.

His unstinted effort which he carries on with ease as Central BJP Coordinator at New Delhi for Telangana State is a proof of his disciplined training that he received which he practices in all perfection for the good of many.


Hyderabad (Off) : Plot No. 77, 1st Floor,

Sagar Cooperative Society,

Hyderabad: Road No.2, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad - 500073.
New Delhi : 19,Safdarjung Road,New Delhi- 110029,
Email : balrajnune@gmail.com
Mobile : +919866160363 ; + 919013706171
Land Phone : 040 23606032
011 23019824

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